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Brief:With GPS technology, this device is designed to help drivers to foresee the dangerous zone or speed limit. It’s a totally legal product. Never be confused to traffic traps , own this device let you  easily say good bye to fine ticket from now on.  Comply with CE,RoHS and Emark. Features:•Digital LED screen to display drive speed, time, distance, etc.•E-compass to show the directions•Real voice system.•Apply the most innovate SIRF3 GPS chipset. Alarm multiple styles for the points. such as speed limit zone, traffic light ,radar camera ,mobile radar ,dangerous zone. Etc•Human oriented     A, Time report every hour     B, Fatigue driving alert     C, User defined POIs     D...
Nowadays, knowing the actual speed of the vehicle is the key in order to preserve your license. The mechanical speedometers lose their accuracy or linearity with time, the inflation of your tire affects the indication of speed, many parameteres can affect your speedometer. Our WDS speedometer accurately calculates the speed of your vehicle using GPS, which makes the measurement independent and reliable.WDS is easy to mount on dashboard thanks to its discrete windshield suction cup mount.
Brief: With the most innovative GPS technology to detect speed traps, this device can help drivers works safely and avoid fine tickets. 100% Legal !Comply with CE,RoHS and Emark . FEATURES:•  LCD screen display the real drive speed, time, date, distance, directions and more •  Real voice system to alarm • Quickly track and locate surrounding cameras even in high-density •  The inside lithium-ion battery can work consecutively 8 house before recharge •  Enormous capacity for the GPS data, up to 100,000 locations•  Body size: 99 x 66 x 24mmPacking includes:1 x GPS speed camera warning system 1 x USB charging and data cable 1 x mini USB charger 1 x magic planet 1 x user's manualwill upload datasheet soon.
Brief: Based on GPS and GPRS ,you can locate and monitor any remote targets by SMS and GPRS .You can get target’s latitude and longitude by SMS and GPRS ,and check position on google earth.Comply with CE,RoHS . Features•Auto report postion.•Send the last location if it enters into the blind area.•Add or charge username and password.•Mornitoring and SOS feature.•It will send an alert of movement to the user when it begins to move.•It will send an alert of over speed to the user when it moves exceed of the restricted speed.•It will send an alert of low battery to the user if the battery is low.   Specification:Input Voltage: 5V Network: GPS/GPRS Band :  850/900/1800/1900MhzGSM sensitivity: less than 102 dBmGPS chipset Sirf  III ChipsetPower consum...
CT20 is a mini GPS tracking system, which could apply to logistics, escort, corporate goods transportation, transportation management, taxi, outings, personal tracking etc aspects, It possesses the emergency button alarm function.  Features You can get target`s latifude and longitude dy SMS and GPRS,andcheck position on google earth.checking position through google map link in the SMSAulo Reprt position Send the last location if it enteres into the blind area.Add or change Usemame and Password.Monitoring and SOS fealure.Sending an alert of Geofence to the user when it breaches the restricted area.Sending an alert of movement to the user when it begins to moveSending an alert of overspeed to the user when it moves exceed ofthe restricted speed.Sending an alert ...
Brief:Work based on existing GSM/GPRS (850/900/1,800/1,900MHz) network and GPS satellites, this product can locate and monitor any remote targets by SMS/computer/PDA .Application : Vehicle for rental or manage of outside equipment, etc. Protect the elder, kid, employee and pet, etc. Protect the businessmen. Manage the outworker. Covert Tracking.Comply with CE,RoHS . FEATURE:•Real-time online tracking•View map on the cellphone screen, view target position on cellphone screen with the hyperlink in the message you received from tracker .•Integration design (internal antenna and battery), easy to hide and take along with you.•Supports locate position without tracking server, it can find out real-time longitude and latitude, time and speed .•By using public map sof...
Brief: With unique design and GPS technology, it helps you to increase the awareness of highway code, speed limit, accident black spots, redlights, POI, excessive speed etc. CE,RoHS and Emark Compliance. FEATURES:•Fast track and locate speed traps .•Help driver to advoid fine tickets.  • GPS  receiver:SIRF output data,can tracking  16 satellitic signal Simultaneity.• Positing time:Hot/Warm/Cold 2 / 35 / 42sec • Positing precision:  • Update time:1.1 s  • Precision:10-meter location(10.9 yards)• Processor:RISC 32 bit ARM7 50MHz • Data interface:Serial Port,TTL• Memory:processor128kb, Flash Memory 8Mb• Antenna:built-in Antenna • Power supply:Lighter Adapter:input12/24V DC, output:5V DC 850 mA
Brief:The device is a Bluetooth GPS Receiver that can be used independently. Not only does it can transfer data with PDA, or Notebook via Bluetooth, but also it can transfer data through USB cable with those devices without Bluetooth.It is compact-sized, stylish, and portable product, even can be wore on the key chain. The integrated rechargeable polymer Lithium-ion battery made it sensitive to the weak signal while low power consuming.Three LEDs indicate the Bluetooth status, GPS status, and battery status respectively, enable the running status monitored clearly.. Features:•Compact size that even key chain portable;•High sensitivity, powerful GPS chipset, fast acquisition for 16-channel;•Built-in WASS/EGNOS Demodulator•Built-in USB driver, that can transfer data via normal USB cable...
Brief:  Based on the GPS satellites and GSM(850/900/1800/1900MHZ),and by message,internet or PDA, it can track and position various remote targets.Locate precisely, Be widely applied in safeguarding vehicle,old,child,Pet,and managing personel; Track covertly etc.Application: Used in vehicle rental, outer equipment etc. Monitor and protect the child, old, disabled, pet etc. Provide peace-of-mind for businessmen. Manage on-errand personnel.Track criminals.  FEATURE:•Can support platform: When using platform, it can track targets in real time on electronic map, or inquire the target's position by mobile phone.•Tracking function by timing and frequency•If the target you are inquiring enters into underground parking lot or other GPS blind area, the tr...
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